We Don’t Hate I Hate Being Single


Interview by Ellie Boroughs and Emily Dombrovskaya with Rob Michael Hugel of ihatebeingsingleseries
There are hundreds of webseries out there about hipsters trying to survive in New York or LA. But, I Hate Being Single created, written, starring, and edited by Rob Michael Hugel is different. Sure, it still has those common elements of a hipster and New York, but it questions the concept about what a hipster is (just watch the first episode) and it isn’t actually about “hipsters”. It is about a young guy, who just happens to live unconventionally, trying to find love in the Big City. 
Igloomag interviewed me. Some teasers about season 2 are in there.
Igloo: Your name is Rob. Your character’s name is also Rob. Crazy coincidence, right?
Rob Michael Hugel: Insane coincidence! I do sometimes wonder if I should’ve done it differently because of the confusion sometimes. For example my twitter account is my name, robmichaelhugel. the show’s twitter account is @ihatebeingsingl and under name it says “single rob”. Then I’m constantly switching back and forth and wondering what the point is?

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Season 1 of I Hate Being Single is one of my proudest accomplishments of my life. It was an insane amount of work and we made it with the help of many many awesome talented friends. Now it’s time for Season 2!

It’s finally time. This campaign is nuts. The perks are ridiculous. Personalized sadvines, Instagram Vids, Custom drawings of me and you together, skypes… Check it out.Be a part of our family. It’s a really good one.