Season 1 of I Hate Being Single is one of my proudest accomplishments of my life. It was an insane amount of work and we made it with the help of many many awesome talented friends. Now it’s time for Season 2!

It’s finally time. This campaign is nuts. The perks are ridiculous. Personalized sadvines, Instagram Vids, Custom drawings of me and you together, skypes… Check it out.Be a part of our family. It’s a really good one.

Complex.Com The 25 Best Web Series Right Now

14 - I Hate Being Single

The winner of the audience award at NYTVF last year, Rob Michael Hugel’s I Hate Being Single reminds us of all what we already know: Being single sucks.

Hugel has a legit web series pedigree, as he directed and edited some of Broad City’s episodes before striking out to make his own cramped Brooklyn apartment web series. Thankfully, there’s more humor than pain in watching Hugel struggle through meeting women and trying to make ends meet. Rather than giving us the same old meet-cutes, Hugel gives us sympathetic bankers and Snuggie-averse hook-ups in one of the most original takes on single life on or off-line.

This is an awesome list of web series that includes idols and friends and collaborators alike. There’s still some great series who aren’t included but I’m really proud of the one’s who are too. Great to see the community grow together!

Check the article for links and reviews of all these awesome series! Broad City, High Maintenance, Waco Vally, Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, The Guild, Burning Love, Very Mary Kate, Ted and Gracie, Whole Day Down, Kicking Dan Out, Your Dad’s Friends, The Gimpy Life, Husbands, Sugarboy, F to 7th, and more!

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Everybody’s Hilarious Tonight - Nights In UltraViolet - Episode 10
The season finale to Nights in UltraViolet. This is one of the coolest and weirdest shows on Youtube. Starring Abbi and Ilana from Broad City, Carlo from Cafe Bloodbath, Rob from I Hate Being Single, and Shannon Coffey from Coffey Chat. and appearances by Laura Willcox, Dom Manzolillo (also from IHBS), Chioke Nassor, Jon Friedman, (My Damn Channel). It’s a crazy cast!!