From August, 2011: I’m honored and humbled to announce My web series I HATE BEING SINGLE is an official selection of the NYTVF 2011 Independent Pilot Competition!

The show will air sometime during the week of September 19-24, 2011.

This has been a crazy month. I am so so so excited to be involved in the festival. I have to thank a lot of people who really made the show possible. This might be an excessive post but it means a lot to me to put the info out there.

First huge thanks to Shannon Coffey, my girlfriend who literally said, “If you don’t finish this, I’ll break up with you.” Besides that she is behind everything I do and consistently makes me work harder and be better.

Thanks to my brother, Johnny Hugel for being completely supporting on the internet and off with everything I do.

Shannon’s sister Kelly, who is also like a sister and supports us both more than anyone in the world.

Thanks to Broad City, where I got my feet wet in the web series world, and who encouraged me to make something of my own. Thanks to Dan Opsal, my friend and director who I came to first with the idea for the show. Giga Shane of Boat Safety Films, the DP (also did colorization and animated the titles) who made the show look like nobody else could. Matt Cook, a close friend and collaborator, who will talk your ear off about production and writing and then let you talk his ear off in return about how hard it is to make a web series. And on top of that he is our amazing sound man!Jake Zavracky music extraordinaire, who does the music for the show. Special thanks to Mackenzie Condon, Hunter Nelson, Bridgid Ryan, and Jason Weitzman for their support and help through the process of putting the first couple episodes together. Mike Yardley of The Black Axe for his amazing design in the logo and title card. These locations which are also favorite places of mine filled with awesome people, The Parlour Brooklyn, The Blue Stove, The Creek and the Cave.
The cast of Episodes 1 and 2: Dom Manzolillo, Zed Cutsinger, Shannon Coffey, Bridgid Ryan,Hunter Nelson, Kelly Hudson, Emily Strachan, Jennifer Leigh Schwerer, and Mackenzie Condon!

And of course thanks to the staff at NYTVF who have been super sweet throughout the whole process of even just submitting.

My cohorts at The Cheap Thriller have produced an animated show called Cafe Bloodbath that was also accepted to the festival! SO proud of them and excited for Cafe Bloodbath to finally reach the masses. It’s insanely good.

Also accepted was Emily Axford and Libby Winters’ pilot Band Girlfriends, which looks hilarious and has a lot of our friends in it as well. (Shannon Coffey and I make a short appearance too as a more annoying couple than usual hopefully.)

I was surprised and disappointed to see that another pilot Gainfully Unemployed wasn’t selected. I think the final product was amazing and completely worthy of the festival but for whatever reasons it wasn’t chosen. I am so proud of the show I want others to see it and hopefully it’ll be entered into other competitions throughout the year.

Another project Nights In Ultraviolet should be mentioned because I think this is one of the most inspiring and creative things I’ve ever been a part of. The pilot was submitted to the festival but more importantly the entire season is already shot and in post production. This will be an amazing release when it’s ready. I can’t wait for people to see it later this year.
This is just the beginning of what I’ve been wanting to do my whole life so it’s a little overwhelming. I can’t wait for the future. Thanks again everyone who is helping make these things possible.


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    0:09, 0:40, are filmed in my old pad! This was hands-down the funnest shoot of my life. And I’ve shot with DANSON!
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